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Cultural Tourism Business

In 2011, FSUA started its cultural tourism business and acquired the long-established well-known enterprise, Shanghai Hengshan Int' Travel Service Limited (renamed it Shanghai 7trip Int’ limited), which has long been ranked as one of the top 100 tourism companies since 1993 in China.

As China's development has entered a new historical stage since 2012, it is in this context that FSUA integrated its existing industries, subdivided markets, and focused on operating an international “cultural tourism business”.

At present, the Group's cultural tourism sector contains four brands – “TangRenHui”, “ShangHeHui”, “YiXingKe” and “HuiXingKe”.

“NewAsiatown”  targets at the countries along the “Belt and Road” route, and aims to develop and operate “tourism complexes” – New Chinatown and New Asiatown – that integrate both contemporary Chinese cultural features and elements of modern Asian art.

"ShangHeHui" is managed by a professional team of people with both Chinese and Western background. The company operates based on the idea of civil diplomacy and upholds the concept of “seeking lights of peace, finding roots of faith” as its central philosophy. ShangHeHui aims to create a system of cultural products including "Pilgrimage Tour", "Friendship Journey" and “Thematic Tourism", which will be centered among Asian countries like Nepal,Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and outreached to Bulgaria, Portugal and other European Countries.

"YiXingKe" refers to the E-commerce services for independent travelers. Through online technology innovation, YiXingKe has established a highly efficient and inexpensive self-service platform for young tourists.

“HuiXingKe” positions itself in the traditional outbound package tour business. The company takes “Good Price, Good Trip” as its characteristic, and focuses on “cruise ship wholesale” and “charter flight services” to create outbound tourism products that cover global destinations.

In addition to building cultural connotations, the Group's tourism business is also trying to innovate in the industrial chain. At present, several “holiday airlines” are being established in Southeast Asian countries.

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华一联合集团的文化旅游产业始于2011年,当年华一联合集团收购了自1993年以来长期位居全国旅游百强的老牌知名国企-上海衡山国际旅游公司,更名为上海华一国际旅行社有限公司。这是一家首批获得出境旅游组团社资质的旅游企业。同时,2012年以来,中国发展进入了新的历史阶段。为抓住“一带一路”良机,集团整合原有产业,细分市场,以面向友好国家投资为路径,发力国际“文化旅游产业。” 目前,集团文化旅游产业板块逐步形成“新唐人街”、“尚和汇”、 “易行客”、“惠行客”四项品牌。

“新唐人街”: 在“一带一路”沿线国家,运营具有当代中国文化特色、汇聚现代亚洲艺术元素的“旅游综合体”--新唐人街 & 亚洲风情旅游城。













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